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Ess/, I don't sleep and I kind of suck at the internet. In short I like Harry Styles' nipples, tater tots and terrible pleasures (I was motelstyles)  

Such a nice, nice cock. So lovely.

Track title: Scatterbrain. (As Dead as Leaves.)
Artist: Radiohead

don’t you ever feel like a cheesy song from the 80s? 

"My favorite friendship if zouis cause I feel like it's the only genuine friendship the others seem forced to me especially the ones involving harry it feel scripted when it comes to him with the other boys especially since they're best mates on stage only and other than that they don't hang out at all (harry with the other boys)"
written by Anonymous

or they hang out in private :p i don’t think they’re all glued by the butts like zayn and louis are yet i completely disagree with what you said for a SEA of reasons, but i’m too lazy to get into it, so i’m just going to say that you’re judging people you don’t know over the little you see (or do not see) and you’re implying that they have to “act a certain way” in front of your eyes to be friends or to convince you, their fan, that they’re friends, and it’s a school of thought i am not comfortable with

"Thoughts on grimshaw ?"
written by Anonymous

eh he doesn’t upset me if that’s your question? i don’t hate “gryles” at all, but i don’t really care about him as a person either? i don’t really care about anything, to be honest.

"I saw a post that says the gammon and splinter on Harry's new twitter bio might have something to do with an excerpt from Bukowski's book Women. itiswhatitisbutterfly(.)tumblr(.)com/post/98709222423/my-finely-tuned-university-educated-english-skills"
written by Anonymous

not convinced with the bukowski link this time if i’m honest, but the first part is nice/could defo make sense. 

Harry’s new bio on Twitter!

Harry’s new bio on Twitter!

Track title: Mon amie la rose
Artist: Françoise Hardy

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